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Unlisted Palmetto Made my week.

Went hunting Sat a week ago and was in a Confed Camp that had given up several nice buttons over the last couple years. Had been logged and then with the VERY cold January we had, the grass and brush was burned back as the limbs rotted down so there was a chance to get back in there. Down below Charleston by the South Coast COLD. Hunting slow and couple flat buttons and 1 Enfield. little brass and was digging big square nails to make sure I didn't miss anything. Got a SOLID signal and only 4 or so inches down got the signal in the pile. Could feel a button and rubbed enough dirt off to see a low convex SC style Tree on the face. Put it in a case and waited to get home and clean it up carefully. Any time I come home with a Confederate button it's a Great day. . The pictures tell the story. Low convex 23 mm little corrosion from the soil acid but the Back is IVES & SCOTT WATERBURY. Had to look them up. Sent out a couple pictures and Willm Leigh said to look at the letters. The S;s and R;s should be reversed. Got a 10X loop and OK that is why it was so hard to read. . The letters ARE reversed. Says SC5 but should be unlined with no rim. and this one is very different. Unlisted 1834--36. Maybe no gilt but I'm still on cloud 9. Waiting on some more experts to comment on it. But it is still one of my Best SC finds. Thanks for looking. ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE HELPFUL. Keep digging and posting guys.

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