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Vista Gold Gain
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It now has gain and sens. I was told by a tester that the sens helps find smaller targets like buckshot or even smaller finds. And I would think real thin coins. The gain is the power so kind of different from what I'm used to and the disc won't dics out what most other machines will, won't knock out foil even with full disc. But I also read that is does really well in super bad gound and I have one place that blanked all my detectors out. So wondering in Virgina with some of its bad ground how would it handle that? Some changes with the setting for speed no more fast and slow just fast if I understood what I read. And yes the higher freq...So for most of us you would think lower would be better for silver and higher for gold or maybe even buttons. They calim that the freq will work on all relics. Now the deus has the new coils that allow it a way higher freq and some of the users are saying it is better now with hunting relices and coins. It maybe more than just the freq but the software?

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