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New here, but I brought buttons :)

My first post and I'd like to be showing some recent finds, but am shut down for Winter so all I got is my Fall digs... but it was a great Fall! I have a fairly wide variety of interest when it comes to dug buttons, and even
a common military button find I consider a good day, but it's not often where I had a 10 week period where I've dug so many that I really REALLY like. I use a Deus and love it!

The first is an early French, quite crudely engraved anchor tombac button, dug off a site dating from about 1720-1750. Just a tiny little spot I hunted a few times over a decade and this trip there it was starting to seem like the place
was tapped out. It sort of became an issue of being stubborn as neither one of us wanted to leave without digging a single target... and finally I got one, and was this! It instantly became one of my earliest and favorite buttons.

Next a Royal Provincials, any Rev War Loyalist button is good in my books.

The 42nd I dug when returning to check out a little spot I found a few things a decade ago. I decided to jump in the woods and dug two 42nds beside each other.

3rd American - New York Volunteers button

War of 1812 60th regt. of foot officer. Some years my friend and I go with a theme. In 2015 we called it the copper trail, and last year I called it the reunion tour, and it certainly ended up being an appropriate name as I dug most of my better
finds at some of my longest hunted - heavily hit sites. This 60th was an example of that, as was actually from the first old site I had ever detected. It seems this is a pretty rare button as I've never seen another, or even a picture of one. It's backmarked and likely
dates to the 1790s.

Next is a Loyalist King's American Regiment, first issue. A good button, but what makes this one killer is I know who the officer is that wore it as it was his house site we were hunting. In a strange twist, I realized I also had a nice coat size from the same soldier which I dug at the previous house he lived which were many miles apart. (gotta love research)

Next, the 23rd officer Coat button. Definitely one of my favorites this year, and of all time. Always thought it would be cool to dig a Rev War 23rd as they are such a historical unit being at the war right from the beginning, but to find one and it be an officer button! This was another site I've hunted for many years and don't find much anymore. On this day conditions were good, and I was finding the odd button, so had some motivation and the thought that maybe I'd get a keeper. As I hunted the farmers were in the next field picking up some hay bails and I was feeling a little uneasy as my permission was 15 years old! lol I was hunting a little slope that once had the house, and also keeping an eye on the guys to see if they were going to make there way over to me. So I was a bit distracted when the button came up, but soon found my focus when I seen it was military. The first thing I seen was the feathers, and knowing that many post war buttons had that design, I was happy, but expected a misc. militia or an 1812 era British Dragoons button.... and then I seen the 3 and knew exactly what I had. It's funny how having the chunk out of it seems to obstruct many from realizing how good it truly is, but I guess that's just how it goes. I have some great condition common Navy to show them. :)

Last is another King's American, but the 2nd issue this time, which is much harder to find, so I am very happy. Just it and the 23rd I would have considered a great year.

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