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9" Dalhgren Shell is ready for showing off :)

Thank you to all here on the Depot that contributed suggestions including JT for hooking me up with shell expert / defuser Pete George in Richmond, and Leonard for his thoughts on restoration methods. Here she is after many hours of work, and with just a light coating of poly to keep her from re-rusting. Next step is to add some "patina" back onto the 1861 naval fuse, and to figure out how best to display this 9" bad boy 'cause my normal relic shelf ain't gonna be able to withstand this shell's 75 lbs!

Here are some BEFORE - AFTER photos for your enjoyment. I'm looking forward to returning some day with my buds to find more pieces of our CW history.

Dan in SJ

PS - for those interested in seeing the type of cannon/gun that fired this ball, here's a link to some decent details/photos.

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