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NDL Dahlgren Ball defused and cleaned up

Just a quick update that the 9" Dahlgren shell that Team NJ recovered at the NDL has been safely drilled / defused and returned to me here in Jersey. And while I normally would not clean off the patina from fuses, I needed to confirm the date (1861) and I knew that the green patina would be ruined once I start the electrolysis process on the rest of the ball. At least now I can confidently say that this ball was probably fired in 1862, and as posted earlier, probably by the gunboat USS Sebago in July of that year (since she is the only ship that I can find in the OR's that fired on the fort AND which had that size cannon onboard). Love being able to tie these facts together - makes being the owner and/ the history of the shell even better!

Dan in SJ

PS - anyone ever attempted to unscrew a fuse like this? And does anyone have a naval watercap INNER fuse (which had to be drilled thru in order to safe this shell) that they might be willing to sell me?

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