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Last pile of diggables for 2017 with a nice Seated dime & need help with an ID

Hey in my last hunt of 2017 a couple days ago....its was coooooooold, something like 16 degrees. Wanted to wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year

Hit yet another one of the farms and had a good day....good friends and good finds makes you forget about the cold

Here's the mess....mostly early to mid 1800s stuff....even a wheat penny cuz that's how we roll :gr

Some of the junk....couple pieces of old black glass

Need help with this eagle wing....thin stamped brass, kinda folded up...any ideas..part of hat badge maybe???

Good coins....crusty 1804 large cent, decent date 1878 Injum, and a nice 1856 Seated dime to round out the day

Got this cool bag seal from the Baltimore & Delaware Bay Railroad.....that RR was in operation in the late 1800s for only a few years

Well, thanks for looking and again, hope everyone has a great New Years and any help on the eagle wing thing would be greatly appreciated

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