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Anyone still down in Richmond (or coming thru that area) with plans to drive north up 95

anytime soon? I just got word that my 9" Dalhgren ball has been safely defused and cleared of blackpowder, ready for pickup. :) It's a minimum 5 hour run from here in New Jersey down to VA to pick it up, and while I'll certainly do that so as to get this baby home, I just thought I'd throw out an offer re helping a Depot member with his holiday travel gasoline bills if you were available to pick up this 75 pound steel ball from Chesterfield and bring her anywhere close to where I95 runs thru Delaware, Philadelphia, or Southern New Jersey before December 20th. Otherwise, I'll make the run south in the next week or two and who knows, maybe the weather will be decent and someone has a place to hunt as a break from the long drive down and back LOL

Dan in SJ

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