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Had a good time at the NDL. Thanks for another Great Hunt, Larry. Jimmy, Thanks for seeing the RR on the 12 mmcuff . I'm still cleaning it SLOWLY and it's looking better. The Box plate is my first Box. The shell frag weighs 4 lb 12 oz. Is it off 100 lb gun??. Like Larry said, we all enjoy digging relics. BUT. the relics were here BEFORE we were born. If we find and preserve them, people will be able to enjoy them and learn from them AFTER we are gone. In our time here it is about the People we meet and how we influence them hopefully for the better. Enjoyed digging with the Palmetto Relic Hunters. was good to meet Larry, Susan, Keith, Michael, James and D.W. Good to see Lance, Ken and Shawn again. Keep diggn and saving history even if it's not like Dan said and 77lbs at a time. ( Ball was a great find).

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