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2017 NDL Find's

Had a great time at the 2017 NDL ! Met some new people & old buddie's from previous hunt's. First day hunted near the house. Found half a belt plate, soldier either stripped the brass front off & cut it, or took some melted lead to make a crude lead plate. Pistol bullet closely resembles a Richmond lab Merrill. Second day, hunted at the earthwork's fort site.Got a big iron target,dug down saw brick & charcoal, dug down 6-8 ", started seeing pottery, glass fragment's, oyster shell's. Found small flat button, must have been hundred's of brick's all over from surface to about 8-10 ". Found another tiny flat button , same size ,plain, on a steep slope away from the brick's, other one say's " Lewis & Tome's " British 1819-1833, gold gilted. Also found my first musket flint in brick spot! Went back Sunday , saw Randy dig a big frag piece, so I was searching in same area, and about 15 minute's or so, found my first cannon ball! Right at the bottom of hill, about 8" down, a 3 pounder! Finally got 2 minie ball's near the earthwork's, found 3 ringer outside somebody's hole! Trenched brick hole again, got a bigger plain flat button. Coin, I found on road, turned out to be steel disc.

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