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NDL Day 1 was a "da Bomb" !

Saving history 70 pounds at a time! Here at the NDL I was lucky enough to detect / recover this 9" naval shell, my first cannonball and a whooper at that! This explosive ball was probably fired from a Dahlgren Cannon, some of which were mounted on riverboat Ironclads during the Civil War. A find-of-a-lifetime for a Yankee relic hunter like me. Photos below show the sequence of me unearthing the ball from the side of a creekbed ravine where the shell ended up after failing to explode (a naval water cap timing fuse) over it's target back in 1862 or 4.

As soon as I saw the rust in the side wall soil I suspected that I had a shell and so grabbed the camera to document it's return to daylight. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing her coming out of the earth as much as I did.

And thanks again to NJ Teamate Chuck A for helping me haul this 70 pound bad boy up out of the 75' deep ravine she was found at the bottom of.

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