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I would send some photos to a firearms archivist for identification. The E. Remington 1858's had several revisions and patent updates.
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This is not a pure 1858 for several reasons including shorter than the two patented barrel lengths, the hammer shape and position, the loading mechanism, etc. Its a nice gun but while the basic design patent may be 1858 its obvious from the other shown patent date it came several years latter and maybe one of the designs for pocket pistols produce by Fordyce Beals under contract to Remington and often referred to as the gambler's pistol. Blocking this pistol into an 1858 group can mistakenly devalue the pistol which design has its own history beyond Remington's attempt o corner Col Colts 1860 pistol market. I own and should 5 different versions of Remingtons and Colts in the 1858 -1860. You might even find reading the history surrounding why Colt could't delever on its military contract as the Civil War was gearing up and along comes a factory fire and Remington saves the day by proving a pistol of arguably better quality for a mere 50 cents more each or in todays cash $12 more each. Was it rebs that started the fire or profit motivated Republicans in New York? :lol :LOL

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