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Yesterday's Diggables....killer coin - 1877 Indian Head Penny

Been over a month since my last adventure......went down south to my buddy's neck of the woods Sunday to hit some woods that have been pretty good....well, its still pretty find of the day was the Big Chief of the Indian Head pennies....1877!! Got a tribe of Injuns including a nice 1859 fat boy with a hole thru the center of it, bunch of house site stuff and the usual suspects, sterling silver button, cool key, and a nice little Navy cuff button...smashed flat but still a nice one. Still pretty stoked about that rare penny. Well, thanks for looking

The mess.....

The better stuff.....

Navy cuff button

The Big Chief......still a little crusty and needs some cleaning but I don't want to screw it up so I may just leave it alone

The back.....

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