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Finds From Last 2 Hunts

Been having a great year so far hitting some spots with some good friends......this is the stuff from the last 2 hunts.......

The mess from the hunt a couple weeks ago.....little bit of everything

The best of it....2 really nice large cents & a nice ball button

Love seeing a big old copper in the clump :-)

Here's the mess from my last hunt.....all kinds of goodies

The best of it.....found 2 (well 1 1/2) 1723 Woods Hibernia half pennies, cool watch winder, War of 1812 Navy cuff button, beat up 1820s 1 piece Eagle button

The back of one of the Woods Hibernia half pennies

The other one...

Also found a whole pocket watch which I thought was pretty cool.

Well, thanks for plenty more stuff to post from the last couple months if you guys want to see it.....

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