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I took a trip down south

road trip - to Va. - Del. - Md. and NJ
hooked up with a bunch of water hunters along the way from the S & S forum
wish I had brought my land machine and had more time down there
came upon a spot with 3 early 1800s houses in a row with farm land around them
houses were like pre 1820s
come to find out they are expanding a highway down there a historical society lost fight
to save them - 3 beautiful houses too... will be plowed under soon
met a guy from next town over that said he could get me in there if I was still down there
told me he could get me into a bunch of spots - his father along with others in his family are
on town councils around the area - I saw areas that had recently been bulldozed already and guy
told me there were other old houses there that are now gone too
drove out in the middle of no where looking for long gone beaches and saw late 1700s early 1800s
houses collapsed or abandoned here and there too
most guys would drool at the places I saw

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