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NDL National Detecting League team updates

NDL (National Detecting League)

This is a state team(s) update, and how many openings we have . Currently we have 23 teams. The least amount to field a team is 5, anything under that will be on the alternate list or no team at all. If you do not see your state listed, they simply do not have enough signed up to make a team. Its not to late to do so. If there are any openings per the teams listed below, the number of openings are listed. Looking forward to another great time!!

To register, simply send me an email with your first and last name, good email, phone and the state you reside. Email to

Alabama - One full team with 4 alternates. Need one more to field two teams.

Arizona - A team with 5 openings

Florida - Full team

Georgia - 2 full teams

Indiana - 2 teams, 1 full, the other has 5 openings

Kentucky - 1 team with 1 opening

Louisiana - 1 full team

Maryland - 1 team with 1 opening

Mississippi - 1 team with 1 opening

New Jersey - 1 team with 2 openings

New England - This is a new team that we will allow all those from the small new england states to sign up for. Im listing this here as I have decided to allow this. States to include are, Mass., Rhode Islans, Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont

North Carolina - 2 Teams, one full team and the other team has 5 openings

Ohio - 1 team with one opening

Pennsylvania - 1 team with 3 openings

South Carolina - 1 full team

Tennessee - 2 teams, one full the other has 4 openings

Texas - 1 full team

Virginia - 2 full teams

West Virginia - 1 team with 5 openings

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