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Sunday afternoon I needed to get out and swing a little so I went to some fields on the edge of the Edisto River where some of Sherman's troops tried to cross. The first picture is a few of the items that I have found there. I got permission to hunt the fields further away from the river that are a little higher. Well after an hour of shotgun shells and buckshot I was about to write the spot off when my F75 shouted at me and this nice flat button rolled out of the sandy loam. As I turned it over the Phoenix was easily seen and the writing in French was plain. A quick call to my younger brother who is facile in French translated "I am reborn from the ashes.". and he also helped explain why the button was recovered in that location. The Southern boys were determined to take on the invading Western Army of Sherman. They designated the French troops as a reserve force and instructed them to keep a low profile so as not to spook the Union forces before the attack. Since the Confederate correspondence of this small skirmish was lost, there will be some difficulty corroborating this, BUT I am sure his reasoning is sound. Any discussion or support of this would be welcome. Keep digging because you never know what relic you find will add what information to the historical record.

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