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Button Help, please.

Sorry no pics. One day I might get into the 21st. cen. Button found today where I live (farm). 1 piece convex; 20.8mm wide: brass; shank missing; eagle facing to his right with top of head on an even plane with his wing tips; no stars on front or back; Back has a mfg. of J. Mann's and below says "RICH". Albert's book list the mfg. as producing buttons from 1800 to1843 although I could not find any J. Mann's buttons in the book. The most similar button (face) was on page 34, no. 68a. On the back, below the J. Mann's and above the RICH are two objects that look a little like an asterisk but more like a six leaf piece of clover. Oh yes, left talon has 3 arrows and right has what appears to be 6 shanks of wheat or olive branches. Any help is greatly appreciated. We really have a lot of knowledgeable diggers on this forum.

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