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1779 Battle of Port Royal


Rec'd a free copy of the Beaufort Today newspaper in my driveway today. Going through it I found an article on page 6a where it is mentioned that a group called Cypress Cultural Consultants (based in Beaufort)have discovered the site of the 1779 Battle of Port Royal. They have dug up cannon balls, canister shot, and leaded shot. They are not disclosing where the site is but I have a pretty good idea where it likely is from a few clues in the article. Part of me is kind of disappointed that there goes a site I will never discover on my own, but part of me is kind of glad that it has been discovered by someone who will preserve the finds and site for all future generations. I would truly love to be part of that adventure, just not right now in this heat.

Curious if anyone has heard of this group?

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