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Civil War Relic Faker on Ebay.

I have been watching a seller on Ebay for a couple of months now who has a lot of confederate stuff supposedly from his "family land" in Virginia.
He talks about being militarily disable and how the measurements of his artifacts are not important being that the millimeters used now by reputable dealers and book authors were not used during the period. He goes on for a good long while making a argument as to why his stuff is smaller than items in most of the reputable reference books.
Only problem is most of what I have seen appears to be fake.
Even though he says he has recovered these artifacts from his family land all over Fairfax, Phillip and Loudon Counties in Virginia the patina is always exactly the same, dark to mid-brown. The plates and buttons that I have been able to hold and examine myself (which truthfully, has only been a couple of pieces) all are undersized, and seem to have a smell about them, very similar to nicotine, with a trace of the occasional fireplace smell to them. So I'm thinking chemical bath and burn pit. The items that were brought to me the seller was able to send back and got credit through the Ebay site. But, they were on sale again the very next week.
Ebay does not seem to care about this type of apparent forgery / sales, but I was wondering if anyone has experience in slowing or stopping this type of illicit market and maybe helping out the collecting community?
Just throwing it out there to see if anyone has experience with this sort of thing?

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