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Watch the relic hunting forum, that's where he announcements are usually made.....
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There are areas on this website that will give you more info on the hunts. No dates have yet been set for the GNRS this year. Last year, it was held March 1-2, so that might be a general guideline. A few people who scored well in the last hunt will have "automatic spots" on the team they were on. The rest of the teams will be filled by random drawing from those who submit their names. The post as to where to submit your name will be made on the relic hunting forum. Normally, Larry will have you send your name and contact info to him in an email, and after a deadline for submissions, he will announce who made the team list and who made the "alternate list". Keep in mind that a LOT of guys will enter their names, only to find out later that they cannot go for a variety of reasons, which will include work, previous commitments on that date, family emergencies, money problems, etc. The point is, don't think you are not going just because you are on the alternate list. There have been instances where "everyone" on the alternate list ended up going to the hunt. I have actually lost count, but I have been on over 25 of Larry's hunts. Obviously, I wouldn't keep going if they were not worth it. Nuff said on that.

later..... "Buzz"

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