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info on gnrs hunt plz

Hello all,

I am from the Oregon Coast and have been detecting for about 7 years. Anything from freshwater detecting, homesteads, nuggetshooting and occasional construction or sidewalk tearout.

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Jeremy from Vance Metal Detecting about a detector...great guy! We talked about all kinds of detecting. I mentioned how I had never done before but was thinking about doing a group hunt this year on the east coast with DIV and he told me quite a bit about the GNRS hunts which sound like a great time and I would love for the chance to participate.

Coming from Oregon...this will cost me a bit to get there...its not about the finds really its just for the opportunity to dig some real American history and hang out with fellow detectorist. OK, so its a little about the finds too:)LOL

Anyways..I am looking for information about the hunts; deadlines to sign up, costs, rules, recommended gear, hotel accomodations, any waivers that need be see where I'm going, etc. etc.

I would appreciate any and all information and feedback about this hunt. Just watched some footage on youtube so I am getting pretty excited!! Where I live the oldest item I have dug is 1892 which is great for me..but not a lot of historical significance to anything found here.

thx all,

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