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Hope this isn't an omen.....

2017 has started and the Gremlins have put the "attack" on me. I have two Excalibers and one has gone down with "falsing problems"...
luckily I have a backup!! Yesterday was beautiful outside at 70 deg.....Gremlins strike again....My Garrett's AT Pro started cutting in and
out and then making all kinds of noise?? Checked the wires and connections, but problem continues. Soooooo, I switched back to my
trusty 1250....wrong!!!! After 20 min, it began falsing and making all kinds of noise and finally my headphones started cutting in and out!!!
That ended that hunt but pronto!!

Let's see.....three detectors out of four go down within 4 days time!!! Very confusing....I'm trying to increase my hunting time and my
equipment is being attacked on all fronts?? Oh Well, packaging them up today and two will be off to the Garrett Center for Rehabilitation
and one will be sent to the Minelab center for Wayward Detectors (10 step program).

Oh well, I'll concentrate on a small swimming beach I've found in an even smaller town (Texas is full of them) and use the Excal for as
long as I can.

Don't know what has happened to this forum, but any suggestions on what we can do to reactivate it?? How come everyone quit posting??

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