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Fisher F44 & gold rings

I just got one of these detectors the other day and I had my doubts about how sensitive it would be to picking up the smaller gold rings.
Most gold rings lost on land are of the smaller variety, because once they lose them they are harder to find because they are harder to see.
Young ladies these days wear mass quantities of these small gold rings. A lot of them have stones and can be very valuable even though they don't contain that much gold.
I took 12 of my tiniest gold rings and did an air test with the F44 and the 11" teardrop concentric coil.
These all read out as tin foil on the Fisher CZ-3D. I put the detector in the Jewelry Program which notches out iron and accepts everything else.
How did the F44 do with that big 11" coil? It passed with flying colors! Nine of the rings read out in the 20's and the other three read out in the lower 30's.
All the rings came in loud and clear and there were no "fuzzy" or "iffy" sounding signals.
I will be using the 7" round concentric coil with the F44 as that coil is even more sensitive to gold.
I am very impressed with this detector so far and the detector is weather proof also with a back light! Sweet:)

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