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I use cz20 - now 21s

and I go to many spot hammered by guys with every other water machine out there
and find stuff they missed - in some cases - a lot they missed and
these are veterans - I use mine in all metal though with back ground hum
I use a cz21 on 2 Civil war hunts and found stuff down in the 2 ft range others missed
guys were around me using T2s and F75s and let many of them check my targets
ones that were whispers and they either got nothing or a ghost signal
and it went off 1 out of 3 swings and barely - I dug a couple of musket balls and like 5 minie balls right in front of them
one hunt 2 guys were watching me - the other there were 4
Im going on big Depot hunt this week and will put mine up the others again
hope I get something good to show

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