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What are you using? I've been using CZ's since the early 1990's
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I started out using a CZ-5 in 1993.
Then went to the weather proof CZ-6a.
Used the CZ-70 for a bit and now I'm using the CZ-3D.

In the lakes I found the Tesoro Stingray II to be better than anything Fisher made.
The Stingray II would let you swap coils from 8" to 7" and was great in the iron.
The Tesoro Stingray II is the best lake detector ever made!

On land around here the CZ's have ruled for a long time.
They are very quiet around power lines.
The Tesoro detectors they are very chatty around power lines when you are in the older parts of Seattle.
If you are going to hunt house yards or parking strips in the old parts of the city then use a Fisher CZ.

The CZ-3D is a killer on coins and gold rings and it will air test dimes at 11" in disc. mode with the 8" coil:)

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