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What Could Possibly Be Better Then An AT? How's About 2 ATs. :gr

My buddy and I did a relic hunt the other day. Fantastic fall weather! Bugs are gone, great colors and the air is so fresh. We hunted near a place where I prospect for gold, a place where many have gone before me searching for gold. It must have been a busy place at one time, judging from all of our finds. My buddy used his AT Pro- 5 x 8 DD coil. I used the AT MAX- 6.5 x 9 Concentric. Both machines pulled out targets at decent depths. We both went wireless, and had to change frequencies as we were getting cross interference. I hunted mostly in true all metal mode, my buddy in zero discriminate mode.

We pulled out a couple of old coins, lots of 22 shells and a few bullets, including a flattened musket ball. The watch was a surprise, especially reading "30 jewels" on the face.

On a very steep grade, I got an iron grunt on the MAX. I dug it, expecting a nail, but found a long this tapered to a point piece of steel. I took it home, and upon better assessment, I discovered some nice ornate designs along the side. It could have been used by the native population to sew leather together from moose and deer hides. A also dug an old silver plated spoon, with the silver pretty well worn off. I formed it into a ring, and gave it a good polish and a new life.

Another week or so, and gold prospecting will come to an end. The river bed gravel is already getting harder to dig up for my highbanker. I got the usual petrified wood, one piece with the end already crystallized, and a cool fossil. Just like metal detecting, you just never know what will come out of a river bed.

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