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nothing special ...but did get a little silver & gold

short over night trip - got gold band - 750 = 18k day 1
got celtic silver ring -925 on day 2
got told to get out of the water so hunt was cut short - I got out ready for a fight but turns out
I had a seal right behind me and they did not want a problem - he was feeding - wish I had a pic or
vid of him behind me
was not happy about can parts - they were throw backs by other hunter - met guy yrs ago - he refuses to take them out
sun glasses in great shape - nother plus wearing a mask - got hit - looked down and plucked
them off the bottom...many guys say they break them with their scoops or scratch them bad
fishing net weights were down really deep - so means there is still stuff down there and bracelet was
down around 1 1/2 ft - was a whisper signal

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