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Slim pickings from 4th hunt ...they cant all be gems

I did not get to water as early as I wanted (problem with bringin GF some times)
and upset I didn't - place was packed at 8am - so area I was able to hit was cut by 90%
Stepped in and got huge hoop and then a few coins and not long before I got what I knew had to
be a ring and it was - when I first peeked into my scoop I thought I had a white gold band
but alas - no....titanium. The people filled in around me quick and I do not like hunting with people that
close. I have never clunked a person yet and do not want to - I tryand stay 10 ft plus away from people
in the water. I found a small spot that people had vacated and I have gotten deep targets at in the past.
I slowed to a crawl and got a faint signal - dug down about a foot and a half and got an iron rod - caked.
upper left in pic after I knocked the crust off - (should have taken pic before I did - it was twice its size)
Started filling the hole and stopped to recheck - this is one spot I have gotten many "good" targets after pulling
large iron ones out - I got another faint signal - started digging and hit rocks down about foot and a half -
good sign. I was surprised to come up with 1942 silver Wash. - was hunting for fresh drops and got that.
Usually silver comes out really caked here but when I get them in the deep rocks - it seems to prevent them
from getting built up. I was hoping to stay in for 3+ hrs...did not happen. The day after sunrise would have been the time to
go in there but I had to work. Will be heading to Ma. shore tomorrow - so hoping for a better showing.
Good luck to all

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