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Now.....This Is Coin Shooting! :thumbs And....A Mystery Find :huh

Went and watched the fireworks the other night, celebrating Canada Day! Lots of people sitting on the grass watching. I headed down to the same area the next morning for 3 hours, and got nearly all of these coins. I did find about 3 dollars worth the previous evening at a local school. Not too shabby!

Here is a break-down of my coin finds. And, also found this unique item. First I thought it was a small broken off zipper pull, but then a "GOTCHA" lit up? Weird. Maybe those 2 prongs are supposed to shock you? I tried shock. Any ideas?????

Hit the river this afternoon for about 2 1/2 hours. Got drenched when a thunder storm blew by with a lot of rain. I got some more gold (see below) and more petrified wood.

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