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Never to hot to do some grillin..nice time piece too

Especially when the grill is gold
Got out of work at sunrise - and after having a successful hunt at a fresh water spot on sunday ...decided
to head to another of my old fresh water spots I had not hit in years. People that go there now has changed greatly
mostly Latinos and amount of guys that peppered there has increased 10 fold. After getting nice wedding band at the other smaller spot -
I figured i'd give it a shot at this more popular one. This is one of the spots I mentioned in other post about guys not wearing masks to hunt water and they drop
a lot of small items that they scoop over and over but cant get the target. Glad I wear a mask. I had bunch of items fall thru
also but after 2 tries I would just drop down and pluck items off the bottom. Stud earrings all fell thru - few of the sinkers and of course the bobby pins
even the grill fell thru and I thought it was going to be another earring - nice surprise to see smile on the bottom - it is 10k gold.
cant find my diamond tester - think I let friend borrow - but don't think they are real - shocked that grill is 10k - usually 14k or better
mouth acid would turn it color if you wore a lot.
Bonus find was the Apple series 3 watch. Still working and not a scratch on it. I will have to find more time to hit fresh water spots in my area I guess.
..but tomorrow its off to Ct. shore to try for salty silver & gold and then coming weekend will be off to the Cape for a few days
good luck to all that get out - stay safe - hydrated and protect your skin.

oh ...chain was a heartbreaker - when I scooped it up - it was hanging off lip of my scoop
I got excited and grabbed it - looked gold - thought might be 10k but could see no markings
my eyes are shot now - so put in pouch and would check later. Did not have to wait to get
home to find out ...I pulled watch out to look over when I got back to the car and the chain came with it.
Watch has small magnets in its back and chain was stuck to it - so gold plated steel. Have found "faked"
gold at this spot before - those pieces were marked though so I know owners must have been ripped off

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