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Short but sweet hunt

I tell most people - you have the right equipment - the time - the talent(experience) and luck and you cant miss
lot of guys here got it all
your missing the last one and at times the first 3 wont matter - though have met guys that just start out and all they had was
luck and they've killed it soooo "
I get home and tell my Gf -I'm gonna throw bathing suit on and go to tiny fresh water beach a few miles from my house
one on the tiniest beaches you ever saw = about 40 yrds by 25 yrds is the swimming area sand- rest is fishing and mucky
most days you might see 10 people - usually a few mothers and bunch of kids - youre not ever gonna kill it here
BUT ...I have pulled a few gold from there over the years - I probably gotten a dozen in the last 30 yrs. I used to give it a swing
after I hit other larger fresh spots at sun rise and if I have time before the life guards show up here at 9am - don't take long to hit
I mentioned in one of my magazine articles that as far as beach size matters - some times it don't. I found one of the best diamonds Ive found here
and one of the largest class ring ever here. My Gf drove by there yesterday and said the place was packed - which meant there was about
50 people there.
So I grab my gear and run over there and hop in - I get nothing for first 5 mins. and then get a steel hair clip - then got 2 barrel sinkers then a penny that looks like it was lost last year. then nothing for awhile...Then I got a blast and scooped about 2 ins. and saw ring slide down. I hoped it was at least silver. It really sparkled
in the sun but could not see a marking - it felt heavy in my hand. Put it in my pouch all happy I might have gotten gold. Just small trash after that. Probably spent
20 mins maybe 25 there. Came home and broke out the acid kit - stays strong at 14k test real.
It was not deep - so I could have found with a cheap equipment did not matter. It did not take much time. It did not take much talent or experience
it was waist deep in clear water and only 2 ins. down - anyone could have found it...BUT it was luck that I did

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