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Tones Suggested A Token.......Out Came A Token, And Then Another. Tones Say A Lot!

I was out earlier this week detecting some older spots. I got a strong signal in the middle 80's, too strong for a penny, audio too smooth & stable for a junk target and moving the coil around suggested something larger then a penny. I guessed a larger token.........popped it out with a screwdriver, closed my eyes, and sure enough, out came a token. There was also a similar signal everal inches away, so I figured another token. "BANG"......out came another nice car wash token. I also dug this old military button, "3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince Of Wales's) - 1855-1928 Brass Military uniform button" A great addition to my ever growing military finds collection. I have said it soooooo many times. The AT Pro with its great tones is probably one of the best coin/jewelry hunting metal detectors available.

And.....I also spent some time highbanking for gold close to downtown Edmonton in the river.

Here's about 5 hours worth of digging. I hit a hot spot for sure. Any gold in any rivers near by where you live? It costs about the same as an AT Series detector to purchase a highbanker and water pump to search for gold, or you can build one for even less. Or........Garrett builds great pans for "panning" for gold.

Below is a first for me.....I found one tiny gold chain link in one of the riffles in my sluice box.

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