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Rest of finds from Bahama trip

Hunted like 7 different beaches in 2 - 1/2 days (arrival day and departure day) and 3 full days -all in water
first 2 days were a bust and I thought trip was going in the toilet. Beaches were hit recently - almost no keepers
Got no new drops - coin or other wise. Finally hit an older spot where I got caked coins down over a foot but not much else.
On 3rd day we traveled to another beach and got a Platinum and 2 golds = white gold with diamonds and small 10k also had been hit recently I got no other keepers. There was a lot of trash thrown back
at a few spots. I could see older deep holes that had filled a little - not much sand movement - so they fill back slowly
had sea grass and trash sitting in them. Most spots were totally cleaned from chest to shallows and
trash was thrown into deeper waters. I asked lifeguards and beach attendants if other detectorists had been there recently and they said yes.
I traveled to a couple of other small beaches on 4th day - Not a single keeper just more trash and more recent holes with trash in them or next to them.
I think some guys figure they are not going to be back so they don't care.
Moved on to a local beach and was getting a bunch of coins down deep again best was mother heart pendant 10k- less trash.
Day I had to leave - walked a mile to another beach and
came away with nice white and gold band - 14k...recent loss - dated ended trip on a high.
Couldve done better - could been worse

the trash from just one hunt at small roped off swim area

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