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A lake here that I am currently hunting was like this. It was lowered a few years ago so I go there and you can tell it was hunted. All kinds of screw caps and pull tabs all over the surface next to holes. Some were filled some not. I hunkered down and thought targets were underneath this discarded junk. It was but it was a chore seeing 90% of my pickups were surface trash. I did get discouraged but plugged along. Truthfully I didn't want to get blamed for others carelessness by the locals so I picked up glass and dug trash. Like Mark said why would one toss trash out deeper only to possibly have to dig it in the future? I don't understand the lazy,not caring hunters. I say this to say so as of last weekend the gold count here stands at 32 pieces since 2016. I think you were rewarded Casper with the Tiffany ring for removing dug trash at those sites!

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