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Went to same beach a few yrs ago
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beach has not changed - just a few of the hotels have - followed bunch of guys back then too - they dumped trash back and threw stuff out deeper
then too - wearing a mask and doing water as long as I have you get to know whats what
I have a few beaches up here that believe it not = are identical to one I stayed at - nothing at all from chest to shore except iron
trash out deeper right on top - some deep holes visible filled with sea grass and trash in them or next to them - mostly can tops and bottoms
theres a guy in RI that refuses to take them out too and dumps them back after pulling them from down deep - I find them just sitting in his deep holes or next to them too
these beach there and here have very little water movement so trash don't go far and holes take longer to fill
when I go to almost any beach here and abroad - will ask life guards and attendants if any hunters been there recently and if anything been reported lost - a good tip too
I did not get anything good at beach I stayed at - all good stuff I had to travel for

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