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The New Garrett Pro-Pointer AT With The Z-Lynk Wireless System Came In Handy Today! :thumbs

Finished off some more snow hills this week. I used the GTI 2500 in true all metal mode. It works great! Probably the last snow hunt too, as I have hit most of the hills already, and hopefully, the everlasting snow will disappear. Trying to pinpoint some of the coins in 6" of snow sometimes requires an electric pinpointer. A pretty handy little gizmo, when wearing thick gloves to pinpoint the target. Vibrate isn't the best option, always removing the headset is a pain, but using the wireless headset matched with the wireless pinpointer makes it real simple. I suppose the wireless system might also be good for water hunting and people suffering from certain kinds of neuropathy due to circulation issues or a stroke.

Anyhow, the best find was a quartz crystal lying in the snow. Underneath the crystal was a quarter.....go figure??? Those one and two dollar coins really bring up the totals.

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