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10 tasty older dimes in a Christmas card......!!!

......Earlier today, we were looking for items in our WAAYY messy garage, and my wife Marcia re- discovered an old lead- lined firebox, she's had for many years.....We brought it in the house, and unlocked it with the keys taped to the side(!!!!).... Mixed in with the other old pictures and photos was what you see above: A Christmas card Marcia got from her grandparents, postmarked 1952, Marcia was 1 or 2, at the time......It's a Christmas card, of which I've NEVER seen the likes of before: It has these indentations on the outside, to put coins in...And, BAAABY, what coins they are: Ten in all, 7 Mercury dimes, and 3 old issue Roosevelt dimes...Dates on the Mercs were 1930, 1937,1939,1941,1943 and 2-1944.....the Roosevelt dimes were 1-1946 and 2-1950....Also, in her baby book, is a 1946 Walking Liberty half, taped in place......NO ideas on the mint marks, as the card material was very fragile, and I probably would have destroyed the card, getting them out to look for the mint marks....I about fell out of my chair, when Marcia showed me the card, all the dimes still attached, and the envelope postmarked 1952 still in good shape, with some nice looking non-cancelled stamps of the 1950's era on the outside....Correct me if I'm in error, but wasn't the 1946 Roosevelt dime a transition from the Merc design??...i was hoping one of them Mercs was a 1916D, but that's ok: It was a VERY exciting find, anyway!!!

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