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New guy here, been out a while.......

Steve here, FINALLY getting back into detecting....since 2011, I've been pretty much on the sidelines: First a nasty divorce in 2011, while at the same time, dealing with serious medical issues from destructive arthritis, that led to 2 back surgeries, one in 2011 while dealing with that divorce, and another back surgery in 2014....THEN, my right hip was replaced in 2016, and FINALLY, my left hip replaced just 5 weeks ago today....NOW: I'm married to a lady that LOVES metal detecting, and HOPEFULLY, all of the surgery/recovery, surgery/recovery, etc, etc, I've been putting up with for almost SEVEN YEARS is behind me!!!..I'm now out doing lots of walking and exercising, getting stronger every day, for DEE-TECTING SEASON!!! I have a trusty Fisher 1280X for the wet, and a Garrett 1350GTP, for the dry duty, my better half swings a Bounty Hunter.....I promised her the first ring I found, and 2018 is looking like it will happen, YAAAYY!!!

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