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Took Out The Garrett GTI 2500 For A Snow Hunt Today!

Took out the Garrett GTI 2500 this afternoon. I used the Scorcher coil, which doesn't allow imaging. However, it was nice to hear the oversize target ringing audio when going over some beer cans buried in the snow. I hunted in true all metal mode, which is just as deep as the AT Gold and maybe the AT MAX. It gives a VDI number for the target and a depth reading when pinpointing. Although I didn't use the program, the GTI 2500 has a "surface Blanking" program, which tunes out the shallow targets and only beeps on the deep ones. Many of us have been hoping/asking for years to add the Imaging (sizing) feature, the large target warning and surface blanking to the newer models.

Below are the dug coins from today......I hunted for about 1 1/2 hours, with a comfortable temperature of -7 C / 19.4 F, no wind and a bright sunshine. I am going to sleep well tonite! :z

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