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Old story - new article

I made a return last Fall and had articles in a few papers
The woman I returned the ring to - I had mentioned that her husband wrote for a large paper in Ma. - he is a big sportman - hunting and fishing all over the world
and helps with tick research among other things - he does a popular sportsman column for the paper He mentioned about me maybe writing something
up - more in depth on the hobby and I was going to mention how many others make returns all the time but with little or no recognition
and wanted to mention how most of us clean up the environment by removing as much trash as well as the goodies we find - Well...
I did a rough draft last year (but did not send) and asked him by email if he was still interested in doing the article - contacted him 3 times with no reply
I know by reading his bio that he is a busy man -so figured he had other articles to do - Well this morning opened my emails and found
emails from people I don't know - and then came to 2 by him. He said if I could take a trip - I could try and get a few copies of paper with article he did
on my return - wish I had a heads up - as soon as this is posted - I got to take a ride and see if I can get a few.
Oh - other emails coming in - He posted my email I guess (which he did not ask and hope it does not turn out to be a bad thing)
and got people asking me to find their rings - looks like I'm going to be busy soon
I have not read yet - I hope he did not make any mistakes or mis quotes - the other few papers did - nothing I can do if he did anyways
Good luck to all who get out!

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