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First year???

Ive been at this since 1975 at age 12 - have paid for my machines many times over
my first couple machines were gifts in the 70s - then won a couple at organized hunts - first I paid for
was an XLT and then a PI Pro in 1995 - paid for those in that year - cleaned up at a drained pond
had to get another Pi in the early 2000s paid for it when I started hitting saltwater beaches
then got a new MXT as a gift and traded for a CZ20 - converted it to a CZ21 - then got a great deal on a used one
(only used like 3 times guy said - not a scratch on it) for $700 - I was letting friends use one now and then - one day
guy broke knob on me - had to send in and I had sold some serious gold so bought another one so i'd have one as back up and
could still let others use one - they've all paid for themselves
I don't think I would get top dollar for this watch - but might get price of a new machine out of it ive been told
maybe $1500

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