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My Fla. trip finds

Got in Sun. PM - and hit for a few hours - water was real rough - red flags out - I got Cartier watch right before sunset and small gold with stones
- don't even think I got a dollar in change
Monday drove up the coast looking for a place to get in - once again - red flags out - I got in and tried and got slammed
by a bunch of large waves and just could not stay on a target s - ended hitting wet sand for a little while (I'm a water hunter
-I only do wet sand when desperate - only do dry when looking for a return) but got a handful of coins
Tuesday drove south and tried to get in a few spots - red flags again - again I tried a spot and got whiplash by a few large waves
and could not stay on targets - strong rip tides . - moved on to another spot - still rough and got pushed to and fro but could swing
I got a handful of change and white apple phone but nothing else worth mentioning - starting to look like watch was got to be it for the trip.
Got up early Weds. headed to South bch - waters had calmed greatly over night - just slow rollers coming in - visibility not perfect but could
see my coil with mask on and could see rubble bottom here and there - good sign...I started getting coins right off the bat - it was just after low tide
and I worked like chest to chin deep. I was finding some caked green clads and others that looked like they'd been there a little while at least -
another good sign. I finally saw yellow in my scoop in the form of a 24k band. When I plucked it out - I could not see markings but it had good weight for its
size and thought it had to be better than 18k and it had that special color that high karat gold has. I was happy to get at least one gold. Little later
I got a crusty silver ring with a gold rim - it has been there awhile. By this time beach goers were coming in by the ton and jumping in around me
I headed back to where my GF had set up camp and figured I take a break - I have to spend some time with her too - plus I had not drank much
before getting in and was feeling dehydrated - so went to Finnegans for some sustenance. it was high tide and figured I'd wait till it started back out to
get back in. Got suited back up about 2pm and fed the meter some more and headed back out. I ran into Felix right off the bat - told him quickly
how my week had been and few keepers I had found - shook hands and wished him luck and started swinging - saw a few other hunters that looked my way
when I went to wave they looked away - all the hunters were trying to hit the "trough" in close where largest concentration of people were. I hunted out side the trough
where though less people - less hunters too. I got into an area where I was finding bunch of coins again - got a ring with sparkles and thought I had an engagement ring
- it was 925 with CZs. Looked around and there were hunters everywhere. I ended up moving to an area where there was some space and was rewarded with a large
white gold band out in the softer sand and like chin deep. Finds were fewer out there - less coins - though less junk too. Little while later - got another sparkler in my scoop
- turned out to be another CZ in 925, at least I was getting rings. Not too away I got another band in my scoop - this time another white gold - dated 27-3-2000
so figure its probably foreign loss with the day first then the month. Sun started going down - started making my way back towards my GF - we had dinner plans.
I then got a large blast and scooped and saw an object fall off the lip of my scoop - I said to myself "oh..I think I know what that is" - stuck my face in and saw Go Pro on the bottom.
Funny thing was - at lunch I had told my GF I wish I would find one - saw so many people with them - thought there might be a chance. I should have been more specific
and wish for one that worked - I got closer to shore and made sure not to cut in front of the other hunters near by - once again I got a large blast and scooped - target
went off like a can - I scooped and as I lifted once again saw object slip off the lip of my RTG. I could tell it was a large phone. Turned out to be another Apple in
a protective case - so I thought I might have one that works - it does. I saw my GF standing up looking for me and knew it was time to get out. As I approached her - I said
"I don't want to leave" She knew I must have at least done ok. I told her I got a couple gold and some silver, but she reminded me that we had dinner plans plus the meter was about to run out.
and she said "there's always tomorrow". Thurs. - final day - got up early and headed back down towards South bch. Winds had picked up over night. Got to the beach and
was disappointed to see washing machine conditions and waves crashing on shore. Where I got in - bottom was sanded in. I could not see any hard bottom and it was some time
before I got into some coins - when I did I thought I might get some jewelry but only piece was a junk ring. Came out with a good handful of coins but nothing worth talking about.
Had to head in to go and check out of hotel. If water conditions had been better - I probably could have got in twice as much and who knows how I would have done, but I could have
done a lot worse. Was nice to get into some warm water - temp was like 85 every day. Oh. of the deals I have with my GF is that we go one night to a casino - that is her vice.
I would rather find it than give it away, but we went one night as promised. She walked away with $200 of their money and I walked away with $80 to the good - so that
was an added bonus. I heard from Felix he got a few nice keepers and he ran into another guy that got a few gold too. Don't know how the others did that day but seeing what
we did - they may have done good also.
Most of my junk finds - I got more good than bad - so that's good.

the coins - over 200

the watch and the rings

Misc. lots of hoop earings the others pass by - that's one thing that's odd - with all the nice rings and watches and necklaces and bracelets
Ive gotten over the yrs down there and seen others get - Ive not gotten many good earings - you'd think they'd lose more gold ones
every trip Ive gotten lots of junk hoops

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