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Back To The Pink Boots Woods Area! Found Gold, Silver & Brass!

Weather was doable today. Not too cold, little wind and some fog. I got a call from my usual hunting partner. It was a GO! We headed back to a place where I found those gawd awful pink boots. No strange finds today, but some great keepers. Those pink boots are still where I found them.

Carefully hunted around an old campsite. Judging from a credit card from another old purse, it dated the site to around 1970. First good old bracelet, made in Mexico. Not too shabby!

About 20 minutes later, I got another curious signal, bouncing around 68 - 78. I pulled out a frozen lump of dirt, and like "wow".....a gold ring wrapped around with a thin gold chain. The gold ring ended up being costume jewelry, however, the chain was 10K gold! I did the snow dance!

My buddy got the only old coin today....a 1910 silver dime. What a find! I could hear him howling in the distance, a sign he had found something good.

Just about the same time, after listening him yodelling out loud about his silver coin, I looked down to see this gold colored round pipe like object sticking out of the ground. I dug it up, and out came a nice solid brass, made in India candle holder. Cool!

And finally to warm up, we feasted on some fresh buffalo jerky, fresh out of the smoker from yesterday afternoon. It just doesn't get much better then this! Good friends, good finds and good food.

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