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On Some Hunts.....You Find The Craziest Things :wow

I just had to get out! It's been getting real cold with the wind chill factor lately. Today I had a strong wind from the south, so I hunted a sheltered area protected from the wind. I eyeballed a pair of work socks someone hung out to dry at one time. Must have been drunk and forgot where they were? There were remnants of numerous makeshift campsites around the area with the usual beer cans, bottle caps and garbage.

Here are the few items I dug today! But......things got better!

I got a good mid 80's signal, hoping to find a silver quarter. Instead, I got this old Dinky Toy. I realized after looking at it, that it wasn't complete. I searched the area, and managed to find another wheel. After some Googling I discovered that the steam engine was manufactured in 1958. It (the original steam engine) used to travel with carnivals in 1924 as a novelty for families, farmers and kids.

After trudging through the snow for some time, I came across a purse, sort of hidden in the bushes. I grabbed it, having fantasies of stolen loot, or jewelry, diamonds. After opening it, I was disappointed, to find a few old business cards and a tiny glass sample tube of women's perfume.

And of course.......the craziest find of the day! A pair of ladies high heeled pink boots, out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. There was absolutely no wear on the soles of those boots. Stolen probably, but why did the end up here?

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