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Day started out with ups and downs (pun intended) - all's well that ends well

took my snuba system to one of my old spots - I thought the water was gonna be cold and I suited up to dive in cold water
I was wrong - water was not that cold - I had to much suit and not enough weight - I got out at low tide to 6-7 feet - out past where most hunters can reach
that was good - but I could not stay on the bottom when I got a hit - which was bad ... I started getting hits - got at least 6 targets
that sounded good - that's good. Every time I tried to fan or dig - I'd inhale and start to float off target - which was bad.
I never recovered a target = bad. So I came back in. I either had to get more weight - which was 200 yrds away or dress down to a
less buoyant suit - which was 200 yrds away (there and back) - decided to just use snorkel and mask. Not much left in the shallows
but I hit a spot loaded with bottle caps that others must have gone through with a discriminator - I hunt in all metal. After
clearing out the caps I went through slow and got a faint reading ended up pulling up the 14k white gold ring. So my hunt ended well.

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