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glad you liked it - ...

I cant find anywhere either - I always buy direct
if you buy from them and get on their mailing list - they will have specials and that sometimes includes free shipping or a gift promo with like 10%
or more off so many - (which usually equals the postage)
I buy by the case usually - give out as gifts - just gave a bottle to bluetube (Ron) that posts here sometimes
have sent or given to some of the guys on the surf & sand
have given to many other TH'ers over the yrs
I use on shrimp - real good on big ones one the grill - I use in my famous jambalaya
good on almost anything - if you like the taste - good for dipping tenders etc
my father likes on Spanish omelet s- girl I work with puts it on her cheese burgs instead of ketchup
glad I turned you on to it - always afraid they are gonna stop making it - hoping I can get more people to try and buy it :2t

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