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Jerky looks good John!

Great minds think alike! Made this after work yesterday. Started with 1.5lbs of top round . 1/2 was Rig Hand and the other 1/2(bottom) was me throwing something together. Came out pretty good but need to cut it with some water next time...a bit salty...but good.

Concoction blend marinade

1-cup soy sauce (Braggs liquid aminos)
1/4 -tsp prague powder
1-tsp smoked paprika
1-tsp fresh ground black pepper
Red pepper flakes-didn't measure just covered the mixture.
No sweetner for the first time. I liked it without any. Just need to cut the soy sauce and add water next time. Pretty tasty! Rig hand was just following Jerkyholics recipe.HH,Harry

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