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Has Anyone Ever Been Assaulted While Metal Detecting? I Was Yesterday Evening :(

Although I was fine, the event was nerve wracking. It did end with a sort of an amusing ending. Here is the short version:

I went detecting yesterday to try out a new set of headphones. I went to a nearby school, and was searching a hill, and while squatting to pinpoint a possible coin with my screwdriver, I felt a sudden "pain" in my lower back. I had been punched/kicked in the back for absolutely no provocation or reason. I turned around to see a tall male, 18-20 years old running away. I stood up and went after him for a moment yelling some choice words at him, then stopped , realizing he could easily outrun me. He was also attempting to drop his pants while running! High on meth maybe? I went to a different part of the school yard to continue detecting, when I saw the same gentleman from a distance coming towards me, only with two other buddies. This did not look good at all. I grabbed my digger, pretended it was a cell phone, punched in some numbers then put it up to my ear. When those guys saw that, they figured I called the cops and took off real quick! I had decided at that point that I had had enough excitement, to call it a day and went home. Luckily, no physical harm done.

So, my digger may have saved me from a most terrible situation! I think I may now consider seriously getting a cell phone.

I typed up a long report, and dropped off a copy to the school, the day care center and the nearest police station. The police opened up a file for any further issues related to this complaint. Life is so short.......

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