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Garrett AT Pro Did It's Spring Magic Today Finding 4 Rings! :thumbs

Spent most of the afternoon hitting some parks and schools. All 4 rings found at one school. I dug a ton of trash to get my goods. I just love the tones on on the AT Pro combined with my 9" x 12" concentric coil which gives excellent target ID, easy pinpointing and ability to judge depth using audio pinpointing off the inner front toe.

Here's the rings and a token & coin from some poor country. Coin made out of aluminum.

I stopped in at a local Safeway to pick up some groceries. Cheese was on sale again. I couldn't resist the temptation.

I loaded up my smoker at home with a pan-full of apple wood chips, then smoked my cheese for about 2 hours, flipping it over once to get even coverage. It has to cure for about 10 days. If I eat a piece now the smoke would be too strong. The smoke has to permeate into the cheese. Remember osmosis from high school.

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