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Looking for suggestions ...

With a recent move I now have spare time - hopefully to enjoy my hobbies one of which is metal detecting. Just haven't had the time over the last few years.

I have two detectors purchased back in the 2005 time frame. One is a Minelab Musketeer the other is a Tesoro Silver Max (or micro max?). My guess is that technology has allowed advancements in detectors. So ... I am pondering the idea of buying a new detector in the $500 range.

So what are some ideas? Neither of my detectors has a screen that tells me what's down there - would be nice but not mandatory. I'll be hunting old farm sites, old rural school sites, parks, old forts, and possibly old battle ground sites. Ease of use, depth, etc. are all important. I'm not hooked into a single brand - but I'm assuming that all machines within a price range are probably about equal - good assumption?


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